Thursday, 3 July 2014


Do you have dry skin? Do you get overwhelmed when trying to decide what moisturizer to purchase for your dry skin? There are so many options to choose from; creams, lotions, some with sunscreen, and some with exfoliant. How do you decide what’s best for your skin? It can be pretty simple, if you know your skin. Don’t spend too much money, as an expensive product is not always best for your skin.

Your moisturizer is really important for your skin. The moisturizer softens dry skin by sealing moisture into the outer layer of the skin and by pulling moisture from the inner layer. Do you know what pulling aspects of your moisturizer are made of? The moisturizer ingredients that help pull and seal in moisture are petrolatum, mineral oil, glycerin, and other vitamins. Try to avoid products with lanolin. If there is ever an allergic reaction, majority of the time it is caused by lanolin.

Remember that as you get older, your skin is thinner and more sensitive. So, when you are shopping for a moisturizer, try looking for one that has a sun protection factor of at least 30, so that you may protect your skin from sun damage.  In addition, look for a label that says “non-comedogenic”, as it won’t clog your pores. With dry skin, you need to get a moisturizer that is a lot richer than most creams. Since it is summer, you might need a lighter lotion that is still rich. Once you have your moisturizer, make sure to moisturize every day to prevent drying and to camouflage wrinkles. When you apply your moisturizer, make sure your skin is damp, as it works just like a sponge.